The Border Terrier Club 
of Central Ohio

The BTCCO Sponsors Several FUN DAYS for Their Members. 

The most recent on was held at the home of Sue and Alan Baxter.

Sue and Alan were exceptional hosts and had everything beautifully prepared and ready for an excellent fun day for the BTCCO members and their canine companions. 
Unfortunately several people who had previously indicated they could attend ended up not being able to come at the last minute, but we had several new members who had not yet attended a fun day or meeting present (and maybe even a potential new member who would like to attend our October 21 fun day as well), in addition to some of the "older" members, so that was great to see.  And, with the inclement weather, we probably had more of an opportunity to sit and talk so that was nice as well.


Thank you, Sue and Alan, for all of your hard work in getting ready for the fun day.  We know that you put a lot of effort into getting everything ready and we really appreciate it!!


Also, thank you, Heather, for taking time out of your very busy fair schedule to come up and serve as our CGC test evaluator.  We're really pleased to announce the following people (and their dogs) who passed the CGC test on Sunday, August 5.


Kim Quinn with JRT Morgan

Tracy Van Niel with BT Halo

Sue Baxter with BT Poppy

Sue Baxter with BT Figgy

Jane Johnson with BT Casey


Hopefully, we will get to see more shining faces at the next fun day, which is scheduled to be on October 21 at Annette Neff''s house.