The Border Terrier Club 
of Central Ohio

                         Purpose of the BTCCO

The Border Terrier Club of Central Ohio has been formed to promote interest, ownership and appreciation of purebred Border Terriers.

The BTCCO cooperates with and recognizes the authority of the American Kennel Club and The Border Terrier Club of America in all matters pertaining to registrations, standards, conformation shows, obedience trials, earthdog tests, agility tests, and any other activities in which the Border Terrier may participate.

Boris is owned by BTCCO member, Kate Hornick

Objectives of the BTCCO


A.                  To promote purebred Border Terriers.

B.                  To disseminate information about the Border Terrier breed.

C.                  To hold events for Border Terriers and their owners.

D.                  To promote and encourage good sportsmanship in all 
  facets of training and exhibition of Border Terriers.