The Border Terrier Club 
of Central Ohio

The Border Terrier Club of Central Ohio (BTCCO) is offering this elegant, custom designed, copper Border Terrier cookie cutter for your purchase. Mail orders ONLY will be accepted.


The BTCCO commissioned these magnificent (and exclusively designed) cookie cutters as their 2006 Specialty fund raising item expressly to make a lasting treasure for your Border collection.


A very handsome and high quality hand-constructed piece, the cookie cutter comes charmingly packaged and includes recipes for both Borders and Border Lovers. Sized at 6 inches long x 5 inches high x 1-1/4 inches deep, the cookie cutter will make a smart decoration for any Border home when not in use in the kitchen.


This is the ideal gift for your puppy people, mentors, friends and family members.  No Border Terrier's Christmas tree would be complete without at least one, hung from a bough with a red satin ribbon! It comes complete with three biscuit recipes that dogs love!


The price is $16, including US postage.


Make check payable to "BTCCO", and mail to:

Tracy Van Niel

89 Morse Road
Columbus, Ohio 43214
(614) 262-7261